Print out this design to use as postcards (color them in! write to your representatives! or your grandma!) or to use as stencils for stickers/signs/whatever you feel like.  If you do something cool with it, feel free to email me your pictures or send it to me on instagram


Resist 4-up (for postcards etc)

Resist 1-up small (small stenciling)

Resist 1-up large (full sheet stenciling)


  • Just cut along the lines to create a stencil!  If you don't cut out the tiny bits, that's fine, no one will judge you!  Make the stencil your own. 
  • Whatever cutting implement you use, make sure to change out the blade frequently -- if you start snagging on the paper, it's time for a new blade.
  • Re: cutting implements, I personally prefer Olfas over X-actos, because I like the angle better for holding the knife, and being able to snap off a dull blade is satisfying. 
  • Make sure you're always pulling the blade towards you while cutting -- the leverage will help you get smoother lines.  You can turn the paper against a cutting mat to help get curved lines too. Cutting mats are so helpful, if you don't have one already!
  • For spray painting or sponge painting, try to press the middle of the stencil down (where all the small details in the stencil are) to make sure it gets closest contact to whatever you are painting.  You'll get better details this way.  You can use a chopstick or a stick or something to hold the paper down.  (Don'tpaint your hand!)
  • Don't want to cut them out?  Print out the 4-up sheet and color them instead!