Hot or cold? Fire or ice? Yes or no? Ask First signs remind us that enthusiastic consent strengthens our community connections.  If you want a burning hot experience, don't get cold feet -- just Ask First! 

Five glowing faux-stained glass signs were placed around Lakes of Fire to inspire consent culture and encourage people to Ask First if they’re unsure of a situation. Ask First zines were also given out to start dialogues about consent and the ten principles of Burning Man communities.  Ask First buttons have been created and given away in limited editions from 2014-2017.  The Ask First signs were funded by a grant from the Great Lakes Experimental Art Inc. 

Consent is vital to us connecting as a community while ensuring the safety and autonomy of all. We all intend well, and sometimes a reminder can help us recenter our interactions and expectations.

Download the zine to print your own here!  

Other consent resources:

  • The 11th Principle: Consent! is working to spread awareness, spark conversations, and create positive enthusiastic experiences about consent at burns. 
  • The Bureau of Erotic Discourse is the OG of bringing consent culture conversation to the burner community. Remember, Communication is the best lubrication!
  • Scarleteen is full of resources for anyone at any age who wants to learn more about navigating consent, sex, health, and relationships.
  • Captain Awkward isn’t specifically consent focused, but she has lots of advice and dialogue suggestions about communicating and respecting boundaries in sooo many situations.
  • I also put up random consent + burner related posts at